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Our history:

About Us: 

Brothers Seth and Schuyler Binion left a landscape company in 2014 and started Okaw Prairie Landscapes with a passion for service and attention to detail. The first public announcement started in a local newspaper with a picture of themselves holding a shovel and wheelbarrow. The phone calls started coming in soon thereafter. As Okaw Prairie grew, they soon realized that they were building something bigger than themselves and started adding on employees.

Okaw Prairie Landscapes provides a number of high-quality services to both residential and commercial clients that will elevate your lawn and landscape and fit your budget. Our philosophy is to never sacrifice quality for quantity. While we realize that we will not be the cheapest option, we truly feel that the quality of our product will far outlast the warm and fuzzy feelings of a newly finished project. We invest heavily in continued training and are committed to using quality products that will allow for years of enjoyment.


Seth Binion:

Entered into the landscape field in 2010 after spending time in concrete work and food processing. Seth started as a crew leader mowing and hasn’t looked back. Although, you won’t find him on a mower much these days, he oversees the mowing operation while maintaining his craft of landscape maintenance. He self-proclaims himself as the “best shrub trimmer in the world”. Also, if you see him, ask him if moving a house should be in your future.

Schuyler Binion:

Entered into the landscape field in 2009 after recovering from a serious automobile accident and wanting to start his career again. He was hired as a helper to Kyle at a previous employer. Together they worked side by side for three years. Over the course of a few years, Schuyler attended Parkland College in an effort to obtain a degree in Landscape Design, Build, and Maintenance. Today, Schuyler’s duties focus on getting crews organized and estimating.

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Expert Landscape Design

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